School & University Facilities

Equipment maintenance and repair is crucial for school and university facilities, and Control System Labs is here to help. We understand that there is a wide range of equipment and systems, and that the education sector operates on tight budgets; this makes repair a viable option for this industry. When we are able to repair your equipment, we help to minimize your downtime. Properly functioning systems and equipment contribute to a better learning environment!

Comprehensive Repair Service Available

We understand that schools and facilities often have many buildings to support and need a repair center they can count on for a wide range of repairs. Our repair experience with so many industrial electronic controls make us the best choice to support these institutions. We are ready and equipped to repair items such as:
  • Temperature Controls- We repair all brands of these, but we have extensive knowledge and documentation of Square D 85 and 85A transformer monitoring
  • Power Supplies- There are hundreds of brands of power supplies we can repair, but often schools and universities need support on Advance, Condor, and Basler
  • Motor Controls- We have over 50 years of experience with motor controls, with multiple test fixtures. From schools and facilities, we see a lot of repairs for ABB and Allen Bradley that ensures we can turn around your repair quickly
  • HVAC unitary controllers- We are uniquely qualified to repair the Johnson Controls- Metasys. We have dedicated capabilities and documentation for this.

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