Our Warranty



1.   General Warranty - 2 Year

Warranty Policy:  Standard Repairs and Reconditioned Units are warrantied to be free from defect in workmanship and materials under normal conditions. The warranty term is two years from date of shipment, unless stated otherwise. For warranty service, the Customer must contact Control System Labs for a Return Material Authorization (RMA) and a detailed description of the issue is required. Warranty requests cannot be processed without this information.  


The control must be returned prepaid to Control System Labs. Customers will also pay for return shipping from Control System Labs. Any item received without a warranty RMA will be quoted as a normal repair.


After receiving Customer’s shipment, Control System Labs will inspect the item for warranty consideration, notify Customer of the results, and proceed accordingly.


What is covered

Warranties include defective parts, failed parts, and labor issues.


What is NOT covered

Control System Labs makes every effort to ensure Customer’s control is returned in fully working condition, and our two-year warranty supports this commitment. However, Control System Labs cannot cover everything that may happen to a control after being returned to the Customer, including the following: 


Installation Procedures

When a unit is installed incorrectly, it can cause parts to explode, circuit board traces to vaporize, fuses to blow, and other types of damage. These user-caused failures are not covered by our warranty policy. It is the Customer’s or end user’s responsibility to re-install the unit properly. This includes following appropriate Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) procedures, powering down the machine (no Hot-Swapping), reconnecting wiring harness correctly, etc.  

Only the unit sent in for repair is covered under warranty. If the Customer changes any parts on the unit, it may void the warranty.


When a unit is sent in under warranty, if Control System Labs determines the failures were caused by the Customer, the Customer may be charged an evaluation fee and the appropriate repair fees to bring the unit back to a working condition. 


External Causes

If the original cause of the failure was a short circuit in a wiring harness and the harness is not repaired, when the repaired unit is re-installed, it will fail again. If a motor overload caused the failure to a motor drive, when the drive is repaired and installed, it will damage the control once more, requiring a new repair and more cost to the Customer. These types of failures are not covered under our warranty policy.


Flooding, excessive moisture, exposure to extreme temperature and corrosive chemicals are not covered under this warranty policy. 


Mechanical damaged caused by dropping, over-torquing, excessive force, etc. is not covered under this warranty policy.


Recurring Damage

Recurring or repeated blown parts on a control probably have a root cause somewhere else in the system, and that root cause needs to be determined by the Customer. Control System Labs cannot offer repeated warranty repair in these cases.  If Control System Labs has insight into the root cause, Control System Labs will notify Customer’s technical team so they can resolve the issue efficiently.


2.   Warranty Modifications

Outsourced Repairs

Occasionally, Control System Labs may need to outsource some items for repair to a third party. In these cases, the warranty policy may need to be modified based on the warranty provided by the third party. The amended warranty will be clearly stated on the quotation.


Obsolete Items

Many of the controls Control System Labs repairs are obsolete and have no factory support. When this type of product is returned for warranty service, if the necessary parts are not available, Control System Labs may not be able to repair the unit. When this happens, warranties are limited to available parts. This includes, but is not limited to the following: CRTs, flyback transformers, OEM programmed chips, plastic enclosures, displays, keypad overlays, and touch screens.


Evaluations, Time & Materials

Control Systems Labs does not offer warranty considerations for units that are at our facility for Evaluation Only or Time & Materials job.


3.   Spare Unit Warranty Coverage

Control System Labs understands that sometimes a repair is completed to a unit that is a "spare part."  While Control System Labs encourages Customers to test their spare units upon return, Control System Labs knows this is not always possible.  In this case, the Customer must notify Control System Labs in writing or by phone, to indicate what date the repaired part was put into service. This notification should refer to the unit's specific serial number and confirm that the unit was stored in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment.

In the case that Control System Labs is notified in this manner, and the specific requirements have been met, the warranty end date can be updated to no more than the original warranty time period plus 9 months from the ship date.


4.   Limited Liability

Control System Labs' obligation under any warranty provided herein will be limited to replacement, repair, or issuance of a credit for the warrantied item.   In no event shall Control System Labs be liable for any damages except actual damages up to, but not exceeding, the amount paid to Control System Labs, including that Control System Labs shall not be liable for any consequential or indirect damages or lost profits whether or not advised of same. Control System Labs disclaims any warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and/or non-infringement.

Updated 8/24/2022