Terms & Conditions


1.   Payment Terms

New Customers:   New Customers can pay with credit card (Master Card, Visa, American Express, or Discover), or prepay by check.


Existing Customers:  Customers can apply for Net 30 account terms. Customers that are approved for terms with Control System Labs are required to make payment by check or ACH within the term time period to maintain their term status. For term Customers, credit card payment can also be accepted, but only at the time of job approval. If payment is made by credit card at any other point, a Customer's terms will be revoked.  Failure to remit payment within 30 days may lead to revocation of Customer’s terms or other considerations with Control System Labs.


In general, Control System Labs does not grant terms to a first-time Customer who wants to only purchase items. Terms are only considered for new Customer with a repair job in house at Control System Labs. 


When applying for Net 30 Terms and the customer is not approved by the time the repair is completed, the Customer is required to pay for the work by credit card in order for the unit(s) to be released.


If a Customer cancels an approved PO that authorized Control System Labs to perform work and/or buy materials, the Customer will be charged for all time spent and materials used to date. All rush fees are non-refundable.


Wire transfer fees are the responsibility of the Customer.


2.   Warranty

See our warranty page.    

3.   Rush Service

A minimum of $250, or 50% of the repair price, is charged for Rush Service.  Typical turnaround time for a Rush order is 5-7 business days (dependent on shop volume and parts availability) from the time the quote is approved. A rush order is placed at the start of the repair queue, ahead of all non-rush orders, and will receive priority processing from our Purchasing department. 


Rush fees do not include expedited return shipping or purchasing parts with next day or second day delivery.  Those delivery choices are an additional expense to the Customer if desired; if a Customer requires expedited return shipping, it must be noted at the time of approval and the cost is the responsibility of the Customer. 


4.   Shipping and Handling

All shipping charges and fees (including all duties/taxes/customs or any other fees) are the full responsibility of the Customer, including all shipping charges for warranties. A $8 handling charge is applied to all shipments.


Control System Labs default return shipping method is UPS Ground with insurance included for Customer’s unit(s), unless otherwise stated on the quotation. The Customer’s preferred shipping account and method can be used if provided at time of repair job approval.


The Destination for all shipping must be FOB Origin.


5.   Restocking Fee

Control System Labs charges a 25% restocking fee for purchased units. Contact Customer Service with any questions before making the purchase.


6.   Sending a Unit to Be Repaired by Control System Labs

In order for Control System Labs to identify the unit, Customers must include an RMA with a unit that needs repair. To submit an RMA, refer to the following page:   https://controlrepair.com/rma


In situations when an RMA is not possible, Customers must include the following information in the box: full name, company name , contact information (include phone number), email, and a detailed description of the problem.


7.   Sales Orders/Quotes

Sales Orders define the extent of the repair work that Control System Labs will conduct.


The Customer agrees that in some instances, items are not repairable. On occasion, once a repair is in progress, it may be apparent that the unit is Beyond Economic Repair (BER). Control System Labs will contact the Customer in such instances.


For a Time and Material (T&M) sale order, the Customer is billed for labor and material for attempting to repair the unit. T&M jobs are not warrantied. Although Control System Labs will make every effort to repair the unit in the time quoted, T&M jobs are not guaranteed. Once the T&M job is in progress, If Control System Labs cannot fix it in the allocated time, the Customer will be notified. Once a T&M sales order is approved, the customer is responsible to pay all related charges, despite the success of the repair.


8.   Core Returns

Core Returns will be evaluated once received, and the Customer will be contacted afterwards in regard to the value.  An RMA must be filled out and sent in with the Core Return indicating any pertinent information, such as the last time the unit was used (if known) and any documentation for the unit.


9.   Re-assembly of Units

When a Customer requests to have a unit return unrepaired, typically the unit will be re-assembled , except where noted on the website or in the quotation.


Some units will not be re-assembled unless paid for by the Customer. This includes, but is not limited to, items such as Motors and Valves.


10.         Customer Abandoned Product

When a Customer does not provide disposition or payment for items after a designated time period, those items are considered abandoned at Control System Labs and Control System Labs shall take ownership and dispose of the item(s) accordingly.


Categories of items that could be abandoned include unapproved or unrepairable items or items waiting for payment. Control System Labs has a documented Customer Abandoned policy defining the abandoned time periods for each category. A copy of this document will be provided upon written request.


As per the policy, multiple attempts are made by Control System Labs to the Customer to disposition the Customer’s product appropriately.


11.         Product Use

The Customer is solely responsible for determining if a Product is fit for a particular purpose and suitable for Customer's method of application. Control System Labs is not responsible for the results or consequences of use, misuse or application of its Products or Repairs.


All physical properties, statements and recommendations are either based on the tests or experience that Control System Labs believes to be reliable, but they are not guaranteed. Customer accepts repaired, refurbished or new Products and/or Services in accordance with the restriction set forth in the immediately preceding sentence and agrees to hold harmless Control System Labs from any and all claims, losses, liabilities, suits, judgments and damages, including any incidental and consequential damages arising from the use of any of our Products and/or Services. 


12.         Limitation of Liability

Control System Labs will not be liable, and Customer waives, and shall cause its Customers to waive, all claims against Control System Labs for any incidental, punitive, special, consequential or indirect damages, lost profits, commercial losses or downtime, whether or not based upon Control System Labs' negligence or delay in performance or breach of warranty or strict liability or any other cause of action. This warranty is given in lieu of any other warranties, whether express or implied. 


13.         Other

Repair Reports are provided upon request and may be subject to additional fees.

 Updated 8/24/2022