Finally, someone that can work on Arburg. The screen works well. Good job. Thanks.

Dean D.

Greetings to all concerned. You all have been instrumental in the repair process to revive our PLC that had lost its program logic. I have re-installed the PLC and it is back to normal. A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU who made this happen as discussed. This was a real opportunity to believe in technology and the business world today. You all made it possible to save a piece of equipment from the printing industry scrap heap that weights upon us all.

Moving forward, I have learned the cost of not having a timely copy of all of our PLC 'S Programs and it helped us to realize how quickly a viable piece of equipment may be rendered useless. Thanks again for all your support and input on the service and repair.

 Rich P.

It worked like a champ! We received it on Saturday and had our machine up and running the same day.   I want to thank everyone at Control System Labs for their efforts and all of you were a pleasure to work with!

 Charles S.

Thank You so much, I'm good for another month.

 Mark W.

I want to thank you and your crew for helping get our Bruno pendant fixed and turned around so quickly.... all the best to you and the superb crew at Control System Labs.

Brad M. 

You are a genius.  Machine is working.  Thank You.


Thank you for the repair report and the receipt. You did good work and very fast! Thank you.


The CRT is working really well.  This whole process made me nervous going into it, but am really pleased with the result.  I can now read my screen!  Good job!

 Dennis B.

Very happy with the repair on his LCD Panel for the gear machine!  Very happy to have the machine back in working order, and most especially, it saved the boss a ton of money!

Bob A.

Pleased with the display screen that had been sent back to me.  I was told that the screen could be fuzzy, but when I turned it on, it was nice and crisp.


We finished installing the HMI and it has been running for about an hour now. Everything looks good!


The repair went well and our intermittent problem has been resolved.

Bob L.

 Everything is perfect and working. Thank you for everything, and when you come to Rome you come and find us you will be our guest at lunch. Good job and good day.

 Vincenzo D.