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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Sending my item to Control System Labs

How should I pack my item to send to you?

Please pack your item, along with any documentation (the RMA or detailed description of the problem, previous repair notes, manuals, etc.) and any relevant hardware to aid in the repair (power supplies, cables, etc.) in appropriate packing material and in a sturdy, appropriately sized box.   

What is the best shipping method?

Use what is the best method for your company and time frame.  Our preferred carrier is UPS.  Heavier items may require pallets and to have freight delivery arranged.

Who pays shipping for my repair?

The customer is responsible for the cost of shipping your items to and from Control System Labs, along with all shipping/freight charges and fees (including any and all duties/taxes/customs or any other fees). For return shipments, our default shipping method is UPS Ground; you may change your return shipping carrier or speed with your preference upon approval of your repair.  Heavier items may need to have freight pickup arranged. 

Should I insure my item when shipping my unit(s) to you?

For items with a high value, we strongly suggest shipping your item(s) with insurance; Control System Labs is not responsible for packages lost through any carrier.

Will you insure my item when returning the unit to me?

By default, we will insure your unit(s) when shipping back to you, unless you state otherwise by phone, email or chat. 

Will my unrepaired item be re-assembled if returned unrepaired?

When a customer requests to have a unit return unrepaired, our standard policy is to re-assemble the unit, except where noted on the website or in the quotation.  Some units will not be re-assembled unless paid for by the customer.  This includes but is not limited to items such as Motors and Valves.

Can I pick up my item?

If you are local to the Buffalo, New York area, then local pickup is available.


Is an RMA required to send my item to you?

Yes, each item sent to us requires an RMA. Multiple items can be on one RMA. We require that the customer provide a problem description or symptoms on the RMA to ensure the ability to inspect your unit for a repair quote. 

What if my item number is not listed as a part number for an RMA?

If your item is not found in our online search, that does not mean that Control System Labs cannot fix it.  If you wish to send in your item for evaluation, you can put all of your information, including the item brand, name and item number into the RMA form to submit with your product.   Most evaluations are free, but some will require a more in-depth investigation, and evaluation fees may apply.   You will always receive a quotation before incurring any charges.

Do I need an RMA for a Core Return?

Yes,  if you have a Core Return for us, please select "Core Return" in the problems category on the RMA, and state what the unit is that you are returning for consideration.  Please also state any pertinent information, such as the last time the unit was used (if known) and include any documentation with the unit when sending to us.  Core Returns will be evaluated once received, and the customer will be contacted afterwards in regard to the value. 

Turnaround Time & Rush Orders

What is your standard turnaround time?

Standard turnaround time is approximately 15 business days from the time you approve your quote.  This time may change based on shop volume and part availability.  Please call or email us for our approximate current turnaround time.  

Can you rush an order?

Yes, we can.  Rush orders incur an additional fee. Typical turnaround time for a Rush order is 3-5 business days from the time the quote is approved (dependent on  shop volume and parts availability). Your order is placed first in the repair queue, ahead of all non-rush orders, and will receive priority processing from our Purchasing department.  Rush fees do not include expedited return shipping or purchasing parts with next day or second day delivery.  Those delivery choices are an additional expense to the customer if desired; if a customer requires expedited return shipping, it must be noted at the time of approval and the cost is the responsibility of the customer. 

Order Status

Who do I contact for status on my order?

You may contact our Sales or Customer Service team for any status updates via phone at 716-836-2100 716-836-2100 (select option #2), by email at orders@controlsystemlabs.com, or via our Live Chat on our website. 

Do I receive a tracking number for my repair item(s) after it is shipped?

Yes, once your item is shipped and invoiced, you will receive a tracking number via the email address on file with your Quote. 

Payment & Warranty Information

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, checks, purchase orders and Control System Labs account numbers based on terms.  Once you approve your quote, you will be provided with a link in the quote to process your credit card payment, or you may call us and we can take the credit card number over the telephone. 

How do I apply for a credit terms?

Our credit terms are typically Net 30, which requires the payment of the invoice 30 days after payment.  You can request a credit application for Net 30 Terms from orders@controlrepair.com or download our Credit Application.  Email your completed application to orders@controlrepair.com and we will review your application and contact your references.  Please note that in general, we do not grant terms to a first-time customer who wants to only purchase items. Terms are only considered for new customer with a repair job in house. 

If I have terms, can I pay by credit card?

Customers that are approved for terms with Control System Labs are required to make payment by check or ACH within the term time period to maintain their term status. For term customers, credit card payment can also be accepted, but only at the time of job approval. If payment is made by credit card at any other point, a customer's terms will be revoked. 

Is my repair taxable?

Your repair is taxable only if shipped to an address in New York, Pennsylvania or Ohio.  New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio state customers are welcome to submit their Tax Exempt forms when applicable and we will keep on file for your repair(s).

Is there a restocking fee for purchases?

There is a 25% restocking fee applied to all returned purchased units. Please contact us with questions before making your purchase. 

Does Control System Labs provide a warranty?

Yes,  see our Warranty Page for details.

How do warranties work for "spare parts"?

We understand that sometimes a repair is completed to a unit that is a "spare part."  While we encourage customers to test their spare units upon return, we know this is not always possible.  In this case, we ask that a customer notify us  in writing or by phone , to let us know what date the repaired part was put into service, referring to the unit's specific serial number, and confirming that the unit is stored in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.  In the case that we are notified and those specific requirements have been met, Control System Labs agrees to extend the warranty on that unit an additional nine months (maximum) from the date the unit was put into service.

Who do you serve?

What industries do you serve?

We serve a wide variety of industries, from small shops to large worldwide corporations, including applications in commercial and industrial businesses, utilities, governments and contractors.  View a list of some of the industries we serve.