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Happy New Year! As our company begins its 50th year in the industrial electronic repair business, our commitment remains to work as a partner with our customers to find solutions to your industrial electronic equipment problems.

Many of our customers have issues with older and obsolete equipment, budget constraints, or lack of OEM support. Repairing rather than replacing is a cost-effective solution to keep your equipment running and increase the life cycle of your systems.

When choosing a repair provider, you need one that provides the solutions and benefits you expect through extensive engineering and technical capabilities. Our technical team averages thirty years of experience so you enjoy quality and reliability with every repair performed.

Our repair capabilities include:

  • Operator Interfaces and HMIs
  • Motor Controls
  • Power Supplies
    • Chiller Controls
    • Counters and Timers
    • Temperature Controls
  • Process Controls
  • Programmable Logic Controls (PLCs)
  • Valve Drivers (Bosch) and Amplifier Cards

We service equipment from major manufacturers across multiple generations. In the half a century we have been in business, we have serviced items from all industries including manufacturing, utilities, farming, construction, government, universities, medical, food, and so many more.

Your equipment is expensive and probably the most significant investment your company holds. When it breaks, if the manufacturer no longer supports it, the challenge of replacing the equipment can be more than you’re ready to face. Instead of a complete replacement, you can save both time and money when you repair worn and damaged parts to keep the entire machine running for longer. That way, you can upgrade equipment on your budget and your schedule--not the manufacturer’s.

Our customers enjoy high quality, fast turnaround times and affordable industrial electronic repair services and replacement parts. For our customers, fast, reliable repairs are critical to operations. To support this, we maintain an inventory of over 30,000 unique components and thousands of remanufactured items to get your equipment up and running as fast as possible.

Reliability is another critical factor for your equipment and repaired parts, and closed-loop testing is used to ensure reliable repairs. A closed-loop bench test uses a fixture that drives the unit’s inputs and loads the unit’s outputs to recreate the operating conditions of the system to ensure proper functionality. When we can not do this, we will be transparent with you and let you know the level of testing we will perform. This is very different from what other repair companies do. If you use other shops, be sure you understand the level of testing they are performing.

We bought Control System Labs in 2015 and the last four years have flown by. It has been an honor getting to know you and a privilege to service your needs. We truly appreciate your business and the relationships we have built. If you haven’t had a chance to meet us personally, please visit our facility at any time for a tour, or call us to discuss your needs.

Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2020.


Gary Fredricks and Ed Bialek