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We Stop Bad Keypads From Interrupting Your Production

Even the most robust machinery can be impacted by malfunctioning operator inputs like buttons, keys, or keypads. At Control System Labs, we specialize in pinpointing and resolving these issues efficiently and cost-effectively to ensure your uninterrupted workflow and optimal productivity.

Even if your equipment is functioning well, the operator inputs can cause frustrations, downtime, or unreliable behavior. Sticky buttons, worn keys, or malfunctioning keypads can disrupt operations and impact production levels. Our dedicated repair and replacement services not only restore functionality but also enhance the aesthetics of your machinery.

One common challenge faced by equipment owners is the unavailability of replacement parts, particularly for older or discontinued models. Don't be deterred by OEM claims of obsolete and out of stock parts. We can design and manufacture replacements for all equipment types, using our industry expertise to ensure compatibility and performance.

When it comes to operator inputs, understanding the differences between keypads, membrane switches, overlays, and buttons is important. Keypads consist of a grid of mechanical buttons or keys, often accompanied by a display screen. Membrane keypads, on the other hand, are thin, flexible layers with printed symbols and conductive traces, requiring a user to press directly onto the surface to activate a command. Buttons, the simplest of the three, are physical, standalone switches. At Control System Labs we specialize in repairing and replacing all types of operator inputs, ensuring your equipment operates at its best, regardless of the specific interface it employs.

Our team of skilled technicians and engineers is ready to assist you today. Through reverse-engineering and custom manufacturing, we guarantee solutions tailored to your specific needs. Trust Control System Labs to deliver prompt, reliable, and cost-effective services that elevate your equipment's performance and appearance.

Whether you need 1 new keypad or 100, contact us today.