Andover Controls

Andover Controls is a manufacturer with units that Control System Labs is able to repair. Our experienced technicians are able to repair power supplies and control boxes from Andover Controls.

Common failures with these power supplies include: component failures, overload of the unit, short circuiting, power surges (very common in areas prone to storms), issues from extreme temperatures or failure due to age.

The control boxes usually house a variety of components, including switches, relays and circuit boards, that are used to control the operation of a particular system. Failures among these units include failed component, overloading of the unit and more. 

Select your unit from the list below and fill out your RMA to receive your quote. If you don't see your product listed, contact us and we'd be happy to see if we are able to repair your similar unit.

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Mfg. Mfg. Part Num. Description Prices
Andover Controls AC256 PLUS Power Supply - 7 Output with Battery Backup Repair: 788.00
Andover Controls EMX140 Infinity 2 Channel Control Box Repair: 536.00
Andover Controls EMX141 Infinity 1 Channel Control Box Repair: 532.00
Andover Controls IC256 PLUS 256 Multifunction Power Supply Repair: 864.00
Andover Controls AC256M Power Supply Repair: 788.00
5 Items Found
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