Process controllers measure and control variables such as temperature, humidity, pressure, and flow. A problem with one of these controls can ruin your product and your profit margins.
When a process variable is out of tolerance, it can be a sign of hardware problems in the electronic control that will probably get worse over time. Don’t let these problems linger!
We repair many different types and brands of process controllers. Below are a few of the popular types and manufacturers that we have experience repairing. If you don’t see the one you’re looking for, give us a call at 716-836-2100716-836-2100 or search our database to see if we can repair your unit!
Chiller Controls: AEC, Sterling, and Sterl-Tronic
Timers: Eagle Signal and ATC
Counters: Durant and ATC
Temperature Controllers: Watlow and Athena
Send us your items for repair before you experience a devastating failure! Trust our experienced technicians to keep your equipment up and running.