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Mfg. Mfg. Part Num. Description Prices
API 503K Analog Meter Repair: 308.00
API 429-86684 See LFE 429-86684 Repair: Call for price
API 1964 P/N W4-34LS-PBOO 4.5 In Meter Relay with Dual Set Point Repair: 460.00
API 228-10 Analog Read / Digital Dial Temperature Control Repair: 460.00
API MDL1964 P/N 8889-3002 Meter Relay Control Unit without Meter Repair: 348.00
API 903B Optical Meter Relay Control Module Repair: 252.00
API 503L 4.5 In Dual Set Amperes Panel Meter Repair: 296.00
API 53-1709-7002 Use LFE 53-1709-7002 Repair: Call for price
API 0503L Dual Set Point Analog Optical Meter Repair: 460.00
API 38-0842-7100 0303L Analog Meter Repair: 460.00
API 0303L Analog Meter Repair: 460.00
API 0303K Analog Meter Repair: 248.00
API 89-006-0154 Analog Temperature Control with Meter Repair: 380.00
13 Items Found
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