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Alnor Instrument 4000A Handheld Pyrocon Pyrometer Repair: 380.00
Fluke 27 Digital Multimeter Repair: 228.00
Fluke 27/FM Digital Multimeter Repair: 252.00
Minear Company 500A Electronic Industrial Stethoscope Repair: 388.00
Thermo Electric 31152(XXXXX) DUAL RANGE Micromite Indicator / Calibrator Repair: 776.00
Thermo Electric 31151(XXXXX) SINGLE RANGE Micromite Indicator / Calibrator Repair: 660.00
Fluke 8024B Multimeter Repair: 576.00
Universal Enterprise DM-310 Digital Multimeter Repair: 184.00
Shimpo America DT-105 Digital Handheld Tachometer Repair: 308.00
Keithley Instruments 175 Autoranging Digital Multimeter Repair: 240.00
Amprobe RS-7 Ammeter Repair: 220.00
Amprobe RS-5 Ammeter Repair: 244.00
Amprobe RS-300A Ammeter Repair: 240.00
Amprobe RS-300 Ammeter Repair: 184.00
Amprobe RS-2 Ammeter Repair: 240.00
Amprobe RS-1B Ammeter Repair: 200.00
Amprobe RS-1007S Ultra Clamp On Amp and Multimeter Repair: 184.00
Amprobe RS-1007 Multimeter Repair: 184.00
Amprobe RS-1000S Multimeter Repair: 184.00
Amprobe RS-1 Clamp On Ammeter Repair: 184.00
Amprobe AMC-4 Megger Repair: 560.00
Amprobe AMC-3 Megger Repair: 400.00
Amprobe AMC-2 Megger Repair: 540.00
Amprobe AMB-2 Megger Repair: 288.00
Amprobe AMB-1A Megger Repair: 268.00
Amprobe AM-4B Multimeter Repair: 184.00
Amprobe AM-4A Multimeter Repair: 184.00
Amprobe AM-3E Multimeter Repair: 184.00
Amprobe AM-3B Multimeter Repair: 184.00
Amprobe AM-3 Multimeter Repair: 184.00
Amprobe AM-1200 Multimeter Repair: 244.00
Amprobe ACD-9 Digital Clamp On Multimeter Repair: 184.00
Amprobe ACD-7 Digital Clamp On Multimeter Repair: 184.00
Amprobe ACD-4 Digital Multimeter Repair: 184.00
Amprobe ACD-3 Digital Multimeter Repair: 188.00
Amprobe ACD-2 Digital Multimeter Repair: 188.00
Amprobe ACD-10 AC Clamp On Repair: 184.00
Amprobe AC/DC-1001 Multimeter Repair: 304.00
Amprobe AC/DC-1000 Multimeter Repair: 308.00
A.M. Lock & Co. TMD3 Metal Check Metal Detector Repair: 5,332.00
Control Instruments Corp CCS A1CCSH0101 Hydrocarbon Analyzer Repair: Call for price
Beckman 3020 Multimeter Repair: 184.00
Beckman 3010 Multimeter Repair: 184.00
Beckman 300 Multimeter Repair: 184.00
Beckman 320B Multimeter Repair: 184.00
Beckman 320 Multimeter Repair: 184.00
Beckman 310B Multimeter Repair: 184.00
Beckman 638204 Current Out 940 Repair: 308.00
Beckman 4410 Digital Multimeter Repair: 220.00
Beckman 360 Digital Multimeter Repair: 316.00
Beckman RMS3030 Multimeter Repair: 184.00
Beckman L-8X2 Megohm Meter Repair: 680.00
Beckman L-8 Megohm Meter Repair: 680.00
Beckman L-10A Megohm Meter Repair: 1,292.00
Beckman HD4410 Digital Multimeter Repair: 184.00
Beckman HD153 Digital Multimeter Repair: 184.00
Beckman HD140 Digital Multimeter Repair: 260.00
Beckman HD130 Digital Multimeter Repair: 248.00
Beckman HD110 Digital Multimeter Repair: 228.00
Beckman HD100 Digital Multimeter Repair: 252.00
Beckman HD110T Digital Multimeter Repair: 252.00
Westinghouse Electric P701 Ramp Function Generator Repair: Call for price
Sperry 3301 Megohm Insulation Tester / Ohm Meter Repair: 240.00
Sperry 530 Megohm Insulation Tester / Ohm Meter Repair: 236.00
Fluke 77 SERIES II Digital Multimeter Repair: 256.00
Continental Specialties Corp 3001 Capacitance Meter Repair: 432.00
Digitron Instrumentation Ltd. 1418-K Digital Handheld Pyrometer without Probe Repair: 356.00
Radio Shack 22-195 Micronta Auto Range Digital Multi-Meter Repair: Call for price
Beckman 9100 100 MHZ Oscilloscope Repair: 1,080.00
Tri-Tronics PD11-C Proximity Detector Repair: 228.00
Kane May Ltd. KM900 Degree F Digital Pyrometer Repair: 252.00
Beha Corporation 5775 IDENTIFIER From A Unitest Wire Sorter Control Repair: Call for price
Erico PD-200-DPM Handheld Indicator with Probe J/F Repair: 264.00
Beckman 310 Multimeter Repair: 184.00
Sperry DSA-2007 Digisnap Volt Ohm Clamp On Amp Meter Repair: 304.00
RIS ET-1219 Current Alarm 115VAC Repair: 576.00
Sperry DM-6910 Handheld DMM Repair: Call for price
Tektronix 2445 150 Mhz Scope Repair: 1,296.00
X-Rite Company 318 Color Reflection Densitometer Repair: Call for price
Westinghouse Electric 55TS2 Veritrak Bench Test Set Repair: 436.00
Wavetek 2500A RF PDS RF Signal Generator 2-11 Mhz Repair: 1,716.00
Watlow 64-06-01 Digital Handheld Meter Repair: 336.00
Universal Enterprise DCP-400 Digital Clamp On Meter Repair: Call for price
Triplett 60 Multimeter Repair: 196.00
Tif Instruments PP1000 Digital Power Probe Repair: 188.00
Tektronix 465 Oscilloscope Repair: 1,784.00
TECH WD-747 Handheld Meter DMM Repair: Call for price
Sperry SNAP 6 AC Volt Ammeter Ohmmeter Repair: Call for price
Sperry SPR-300 AC Volt - Ohm Ammeter Sperry Snap Repair: 184.00
Speedmaster R70B-16 Densitometer Repair: 576.00
Simpson 465A Auto Ranging Digital Multimeter Repair: 264.00
Simpson 464 Digital Multimeter Repair: 216.00
Simpson 389 Therometer Repair: 304.00
Simpson 260-6XL Volt-Ohm Milliammeter Repair: 212.00
Simpson 260 Analog Volt Ohm Multimeter Repair: 252.00
Sears Roebuck And Co 95205 Analog Multi Meter Repair: Call for price
Perkin Elmer Corp JR111 MODEL 6/8 Spectrophotometers Repair: 372.00
Perkin Elmer Corp JR11 MODEL 6/20 Spectrophotometers Repair: 372.00
Pako Berky 1000A Densitometer Repair: 488.00
Niagara TONMETER Tonmeter Multimeter Repair: 268.00
804 Items Found
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