Anafaze is part of the Watlow family, which is a leading supplier of industrial heaters, temperature sensors and controls. Control System Labs is able to repair many Anafaze units, used across many different industries.

Our trained technicians have experience repairing many industrial electronic controls, and we've been in business for over 50 years. Our RMA process is easy: tell us the detailed description of the issue with your unit, provide your billing/shipping information, and then include the RMA with your unit when you ship it to us. We'll then send your quote to your inbox. Our process is quick and easy!

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Mfg. Mfg. Part Num. Description Prices
Anafaze 10400-00 REV.E 72 I/O Processor Module (OLOM) Repair: 2,212.00
Anafaze 10410-00 REV.F See Anafaze Model MIOP G2157 Rev F Repair: Call for price
Anafaze MIOP G2157 REV.F Reflow Oven Multi I/O Processor Module Repair: Call for price
Anafaze 12LS Process Control Repair: 1,104.00
Anafaze 8LS Process Control Repair: 1,192.00
Anafaze 10405 Relay Interface Module (OLOM) Repair: 1,320.00
Anafaze 10401-00 72 I/O Processor Board (OLOM) Repair: 2,212.00
Anafaze 16CLS Process Controller Repair: 492.00
Anafaze 10710-00 Wirtz Relay Board Repair: 388.00
Anafaze 10700-00 Wirtz Analog Board Repair: 448.00
Anafaze 12LS W/TC INPUTS Process Control with Thermocouple Input Repair: 1,228.00
Anafaze 88-21755-300 REV A LAM 12LS Zone Loop Rack Temperature Control Repair: 1,032.00
Anafaze 12LS LAM 12 Zone Loop Rack Temperature Control Repair: 984.00
13 Items Found
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