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Mfg. Mfg. Part Num. Description Prices
Bridgeport 31926974 XDI Board from Boss V 1 CNC Repair: 1,460.00
Bridgeport A026865 RCK 1 CNC Rate Clock Card Repair: 2,556.00
Bridgeport 1812066 PC Board - Not Repairable Repair: Call for price
Bridgeport 27015 SMD Board Repair: 716.00
Bridgeport A025178 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Repair: 624.00
Bridgeport A023921 Digital Read Out Unit Repair: 844.00
Bridgeport 18568 ACC Board From CNC I Milling Mac Repair: 652.00
Bridgeport A020140 SCR Power Feed Unit Repair: 812.00
Bridgeport 1810044 X-Y Axis Digital Readout Control Unit Repair: 828.00
Bridgeport 1934724 EAF Board Repair: 1,416.00
Bridgeport 31934724 EAF Board Repair: 1,044.00
Bridgeport 31936478 HBD Board Repair: Call for price
Bridgeport 1936478 HBD Board Repair: Call for price
Bridgeport 1936628 DCS Board Repair: Call for price
Bridgeport 31936628 DCS Board Repair: Call for price
Bridgeport 31937997 (2) Board Motor Drive Module Assembly Repair: 1,148.00
Bridgeport 1937997 (2) Board Motor Drive Module Assembly Repair: 1,120.00
Bridgeport HB12032-02 HB PWM Amplifier Repair: 1,804.00
Bridgeport 2928472 ERS Board Repair: 2,800.00
Bridgeport DRO DISPLAY X-Y Axis Digital Readout Control Unit Repair: 908.00
Bridgeport 1943057 See Model 31944367 Repair: 1,164.00
Bridgeport 31944367 BMDC3 Controller Card Repair: 816.00
Bridgeport 1943058 See Model 31944367 Repair: 920.00
Bridgeport 12636423 Rebuild 90V DC High Torque Motor Repair: 1,084.00
Bridgeport 28600001 Baldor 90V DC Motor Standard Torque Repair: 744.00
Bridgeport 12630052 Control Box with DC Axis Motor Drive Repair: 392.00
Bridgeport 11636404 DC Axis Motor Drive Assembly Repair: 744.00
Bridgeport A024351 X Axis Output Module Repair: 408.00
Bridgeport 15047 Dual channel motor speed control Repair: Call for price
Bridgeport 11597900 EZ-Plus LCD Front Control Panel Repair: 1,752.00
Bridgeport 604107 Control Unit w/Motherboard Repair: Call for price
Bridgeport CNC DX-32R IPC-6006 Mill Control Unit Repair: Call for price
Bridgeport A026974 XDI CNC Interface and Driver Card Repair: 1,532.00
Bridgeport 26974 XDI CNC Interface and Driver Card Repair: 2,252.00
Bridgeport 31943059 with 31943304 Control Board Repair: 816.00
Bridgeport 1942753 Interconnection Board Repair: Call for price
Bridgeport 1942968 Interconnection Board Repair: Call for price
Bridgeport XB1-901025-D-00 DC Drive Board Repair: 492.00
Bridgeport A0933083 RRS Board Repair: 1,100.00
Bridgeport A044418 Power Supply Repair: 588.00
Bridgeport A041852 Power Supply Repair: 348.00
Bridgeport A041180 Monitor Repair: 668.00
Bridgeport A040137 Power Supply Repair: 552.00
Bridgeport A039949 EZIOL Board Repair: 1,764.00
Bridgeport A039857 FMDC2 Board Repair: 2,636.00
Bridgeport A039814 SFP2 Board Repair: 1,016.00
Bridgeport A039769 Front Panel B9 Repair: 1,612.00
Bridgeport A039659 FMDC Board Repair: 2,344.00
Bridgeport A039658 FMDC Board Repair: 2,540.00
Bridgeport A039591 EMC3 Board Repair: 2,580.00
Bridgeport A039529 FBP Board Repair: 552.00
Bridgeport A039527 FMDC Board Repair: 2,636.00
Bridgeport A039523 FMDC Board Repair: 2,548.00
Bridgeport A038519 Boss 9 Rack Repair: 1,092.00
Bridgeport A038509 Front Panel B8 Repair: 1,552.00
Bridgeport A038372 SFP Board Repair: 484.00
Bridgeport A038000 IFC / DPS Assembly Repair: 1,028.00
Bridgeport A037997 Axis Drive Board Repair: 1,116.00
Bridgeport A037941 FMDC Board Repair: 2,688.00
Bridgeport A037913 EMC3 Board Repair: 2,348.00
Bridgeport A037887 Panel Assembly Repair: 1,588.00
Bridgeport A037863 IFC Board Repair: 636.00
Bridgeport A037794 DMB Board Repair: 536.00
Bridgeport A037784 DPS Board Repair: 592.00
Bridgeport A037773 EMC3 Board Repair: 2,504.00
Bridgeport A037644 FMDC Board Repair: 2,636.00
Bridgeport A037431 FPU Board Repair: 472.00
Bridgeport A037381 EMC3 Board Repair: 1,500.00
Bridgeport A037380 EMC2 Board Repair: 1,576.00
Bridgeport A037308 EZIO Board Repair: 1,360.00
Bridgeport A037268 EHS Board Repair: 600.00
Bridgeport A037236 FMDC Board Repair: 2,452.00
Bridgeport A036741 BSP-2 Board Repair: 1,612.00
Bridgeport A036311 EMC3 Board Repair: 1,908.00
Bridgeport A036188 ELI Board Repair: 708.00
Bridgeport A035923 RRM Board Repair: 1,224.00
Bridgeport A035633 EMC2 Board Repair: 1,568.00
Bridgeport A035083 VBT Board Repair: 392.00
Bridgeport A034724 EAF Board Repair: 1,016.00
Bridgeport A034353 Panel Assembly Repair: 2,136.00
Bridgeport A034119 EFP Board Repair: 712.00
Bridgeport A033636 ELC Board Repair: 564.00
Bridgeport A033163 CPL Board Repair: 2,044.00
Bridgeport A033144 RRS Board Repair: 1,472.00
Bridgeport A032918 NTP Board Repair: 660.00
Bridgeport A032676 ZCK Board Repair: 624.00
Bridgeport A032576 NTP Board Repair: 2,040.00
Bridgeport A032402 Printed Circuit Board Repair: 812.00
Bridgeport A032186 CPX Board Repair: 1,100.00
Bridgeport A032183 CPH Board Repair: 756.00
Bridgeport A032086 SMD Assembly Repair: 1,208.00
Bridgeport A031891 PSM Board Repair: 964.00
Bridgeport A031606 ZCK Board Repair: 836.00
Bridgeport A031563 Printed Circuit Board Repair: 708.00
Bridgeport A031547 RRS Board Repair: 1,056.00
Bridgeport A031509 UFP Board Repair: 680.00
Bridgeport A031062 JMM Board Repair: 1,472.00
Bridgeport A030825 RRS Board Repair: 1,284.00
Bridgeport A030788 Power Supply Repair: 1,732.00
Bridgeport A030760 XTC Board Repair: 812.00
944 Items Found
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