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Mfg. Mfg. Part Num. Description Prices
Fluke 8024A Digital Meter Repair: 664.00
Fluke 8024B Multimeter Repair: 664.00
Fluke 7261A Universal Timer / Counter Repair: 1,892.00
Fluke 8022B Meter Repair: Call for price
Fluke 8022A Digital Multimeter Repair: Call for price
Fluke 8800A Digital Multimeter Repair: 516.00
Fluke 7120 Laser Thermal Imager Repair: 1,080.00
Fluke 95 50 Mhz Scopemeter Repair: 1,868.00
Fluke 85 Digital Multimeter Repair: 388.00
Fluke 1021 CRT Monitor with Touchscreen Repair: 3,556.00
Fluke 8060A True RMS Multimeter Repair: 384.00
Fluke 2625A Hydra Data Logger Repair: Call for price
Fluke 1780A INFOTOUCH DISPLAY Dynapro Touchscreen Display Repair: 2,632.00
Fluke 1920A Frequency Counter 50Mhz-520Mhz Repair: 1,396.00
Fluke 96B 60Mhz Digital Scopemeter Repair: Call for price
Fluke 96 SERIES II 50Mhz Digital Scopemeter Repair: Call for price
Fluke 2165A Digital Thermometer J-Thermocouple Repair: 440.00
Fluke 8842A Digital Multimeter Repair: 780.00
Fluke 1050 Color Touch Control Screen Repair: Call for price
Fluke 88 Automotive Digital Multimeter Repair: 456.00
Fluke 199 200Mhz 2.5GS/S Scopemeter Repair: 1,668.00
Fluke 1021 CRT Monitor without Touchscreen Repair: 3,376.00
Fluke 87 IV Digital Multimeter Repair: 352.00
Fluke 189 True RMS Digital Multimeter Repair: 384.00
Fluke 97/AUTO 50Mhz Digital Auto Scopemeter Kit Repair: 1,160.00
Fluke 725 Multifunction Process Calibrator Repair: 1,268.00
Fluke 45 Dual Display Multimeter Repair: 492.00
Fluke 8050A True RMS Multimeter Repair: 380.00
Fluke 1031 CRT Monitor With Touchscreen Repair: 3,556.00
Fluke 715 71X Volt / MA Calibrator Repair: 668.00
Fluke 714 71X Thermocouple Calibrator Repair: 508.00
Fluke 1587 Insulation Multimeter Repair: 472.00
Fluke 114 True RMS Multimeter Repair: Call for price
Fluke BC190/803 Battery Charger for Fluke 199 Repair: Call for price
Fluke 40 Power Harmonics Meter with Probes Repair: Call for price
Fluke 787 Processmeter Repair: 572.00
Fluke 741B Documenting Process Calibrator Repair: 2,112.00
Fluke 343A DC Voltage Calibrator Repair: Call for price
38 Items Found
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