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Allen Datagraph Systems equipment is primarily found in sign making and label production facilities and is designed to help businesses increase productivity, reduce production costs and create high quality products. 

Datagraph Recorders are complex systems that Control System Labs can repair to reduce your downtime. Common failures among these units are display issues (damaged, faded displays), power supply failures and electrical component failures (capacitors, resistors and transistors). We can help to determine the root cause of failure and provide your company with a quote for repair. Select your unit from the list below to start your RMA.

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Mfg. Mfg. Part Num. Description Prices
Allen Datagraph System LLC 725E-09 Datagraph Recorder Repair: 1,960.00
Allen Datagraph System LLC 19980019 Datagraph Recorder Type M XY Repair: 2,872.00
Allen Datagraph System LLC 925EFR-09 Datagraph Flatbed Recorder Repair: 2,316.00
3 Items Found
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