Atwood Levelegs are hydaulic leveling systems commonly found in Motor Homes or Travel Trailers. Control System Labs has a unique test fixture that we have developed to diagnose and test your levelegs controllers and keypads. We see issues arising with these units due to excessive corrosion, physical damage, electrical system failures, worn buttons or excessive use.

Many of these units are obsolete and hard to find or can cost thousands of dollars to replace; here at Control System Labs, we provide the option of repair at a price you can afford. If you don’t see your unit listed below, reach out to us to see if we are able to inspect your unit for repair.

When sending in your Atwood unit, we ask that you send both your controller and keypad, so that we can test both units together and better isolate the problem. See the diagrams in the product description or contact your manufacturer to locate your controller. 

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Mfg. Mfg. Part Num. Description Prices
Atwood 66574 5TH Wheel Electric Jack Auto Controller w/Sensor Tech. Rev 5 Repair: 864.00
Atwood 66560 Atwood 5th Wheel Levelegs Keypad 66560 Repair: 304.00
Atwood 66202 Keypad 66202 Repair: 294.00
Atwood 66206 Relay Pack Controller 66206 Repair: 1,524.00
Atwood 66555 Kit Levelegs Autopos Control Pad (66555) & Jumper Cable (66577) Repair: 304.00
Atwood 66272 Ford Auto Position Controller 66272 Repair: 844.00
Atwood 80618 REV 7 Levelegs With Sensor Technology Controller 80618 REV 7 Repair: 864.00
Atwood 66275 Auto Controller Ford Levelegs 66275 REV 5 Repair: 1,516.00
Atwood 80618 REV 3 Hall Effect Electric Jack Auto Controller 80618 REV 3 Repair: 864.00
Atwood 66273 Levelegs Keypad 66273 Repair: 304.00
Atwood 66274 Auto Controller Workhorse 66274 REV 5 Repair: 904.00
11 Items Found
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