Encoders / Tachometers / Resolvers

Resolvers and encoders are used to measure the rotary position or rotating velocity of a shaft.  When these devices fail, the control system does not receive accurate feedback, which causes errors and machine malfunction.  We can repair the circuitry in these devices and restore their original function.   

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Mfg. Mfg. Part Num. Description Prices
Mateer-Burt 355-M800427-00 Encoder 27VDC 100 PPR Repair: 472.00
Sansei Electric 0SS-04-2 Encoder Total Count 400 per Revolution Repair: Call for price
Baumer BAC 09-24P.360-12-2 Encoder Repair: 504.00
Allen Bradley 845L Encoder 845L-XXXX-XXXX Repair: 544.00
Allen Bradley 845K Encoder 845K-XXXX-XXXX Repair: 600.00
General Electric 44A724587-003 Medium Duty BEI E25 Encoder Repair: 432.00
BEI Electronics E25 series Medium Duty Encoder Repair: 740.00
BEI Electronics 924-01029-557 E25 Encoder Repair: 772.00
BEI Electronics 924-01029-323 E25 Encoder Repair: 392.00
BEI Electronics 924-01012-040 Type H25 8 Bit Absolute Encoder Repair: 392.00
Datametrics 225L-ODCL-200-6A Encoder Repair: Call for price
Misc 870-830-007 Encoder Digital Impulse Sender Repair: Call for price
Durant 38151-XXX Quadrature Encoder Medium Duty Repair: 388.00
ECCI PU863 Unidirectional Channel A Encoder Repair: 400.00
Gelma Industrieelektronik RAO 43M-8192/02 Computer Connected Encoder Repair: Call for price
Dynapar EX6252500034 Encoder 2500 Pulse per Revolution Repair: 456.00
Dynapar EX6251500024 Encoder 1500 Pulse per Revolution Repair: 448.00
Dynapar 80D6-00SP Rotopulser Encoder Repair: 388.00
Dynapar 80D6-1SP Rotopulser Encoder Repair: 400.00
Dynapar 80D382 Encoder Repair: 388.00
Dynapar 80D1 Encoder Repair: 372.00
Dynapar 78SRT240 Rotopulser Encoder Repair: 684.00
Dynapar 78 Encoder Repair: 640.00
Dynapar 64-P Rotopulser Encoder Repair: 564.00
Dynapar 64-C Rotopulser Encoder Repair: 536.00
Dynapar 64-A Rotopulser Encoder Repair: 508.00
Dynapar 63-C Rotopulser Encoder Repair: 544.00
Dynapar 63-A Rotopulser Encoder Repair: 492.00
Dynapar 62-P Rotopulser Encoder Repair: 532.00
Dynapar 62-D Rotopulser Encoder Repair: 444.00
Dynapar 62-C Rotopulser Encoder Repair: 492.00
Dynapar 62-A Rotopulser Encoder Repair: 412.00
Dynapar 61A-ADF Rotopulser Encoder Repair: 596.00
Dynapar 61-P Rotopulser Encoder Repair: 596.00
Dynapar 61-C Rotopulser Encoder Repair: 500.00
Dynapar 61-1 Rotopulser Encoder Repair: 424.00
Dynapar 42-600 42 Opal Single Shaft Encoder Repair: 624.00
Dynapar 42-001 Encoder Repair: 428.00
Dynapar 42 Single Shaft Encoder Repair: 428.00
Dynapar 33X060010000 Rotopulser Encoder Repair: 484.00
Nordson 148150A 9818 Encoder Repair: 408.00
Dynapar MTJR2-0-00 Max-Jr Tach 2 Rate Indicator Repair: 520.00
Dynapar MTJR2-0 Max-Jr Tach 2 Rate Indicator Repair: 520.00
Dynapar MT1-01-S00 Max Tach 1 Repair: 620.00
Dynapar MT1-01-0 Max Tach 1 Repair: 620.00
Dynapar MT1-00-S00 Max Tach 1 Repair: 452.00
Dynapar MT1-00-0 Max Tach 1 Repair: 532.00
NSD VRE-P062SAC Single Turn Sensor Repair: 1,180.00
Litton G70 SS LDBI Encrememtal Rotary Encoder Repair: 952.00
Netstal Machinery Inc. 110.240.5334 Dual Encoder EC Interface Card Repair: 1,640.00
Allen Bradley 845H Encoder 845H-XXXX-XXXX- Repair: 600.00
Allen Bradley 845C Encoder 845C-XXXX-XXXX- Repair: 892.00
Allen Bradley 845A series Encoder 845A-XXXX-XXXX- Repair: 648.00
Rimrock 577-11131 Encoder Card From Auto Ladle Repair: Call for price
Dynapar 62-AAEF-0060-AB-00 60 Heavyduty Optical Encoder Repair: 516.00
Dynapar 32X0600100004 Encoder Repair: 620.00
Dynapar 525 SERIES Encoder Repair: 408.00
Dynapar 42600 9224 MB Encoder Repair: 1,000.00
Misc 62.8P5 Encoder Repair: 528.00
Winkelkodierer 2227 Angle Coder Repair: Call for price
Vicon V2516 SE Memscan Video Input Sourse Encoder Repair: 600.00
Unimation D4201717 250 Line Encoder 722 3C GO3 Type Repair: Call for price
Trump Ross ROTOPULSE Encoder Repair: 400.00
Dynapar 82D360 Rotary Encoder Repair: 384.00
Rota Switch EC82-500-5 Shaft Encoder Repair: 400.00
Renco R2523 Shaft Encoder Repair: 372.00
Microtrol S9531B Encoder Repair: 412.00
Mactron MPG-360 Encoder Repair: 408.00
Lockheed 30D0182 Encoder Senor PC Repair: Call for price
Leine & Linde 6306 3 AB Optical Incremental 5V Encoder Repair: 596.00
Encoder Products 711-S Accu-Coder Encoder Repair: 376.00
Web Printing Controls WPC1800 Encoder Repair: 564.00
Web Printing Controls WPC296 Encoder Repair: 400.00
Electro Corp 754250 Tachometer 0-250 RPM Repair: 348.00
Durant 39702 Quadrature Encoder Medium Duty Repair: 348.00
Dynapar 82L250 Rotopulser (150 Pulses) Repair: 508.00
Dynapar 63-P Encoder 63-PMEF=2500-T0-00 #60184 Repair: 636.00
Dynapar 625 SERIES Opal Encoder Repair: 624.00
Dynamics Research 720-310-1000-18U Encoder 1000 Pulse per Revolution Repair: 560.00
Dynamics Research 39R-21-A13-SO33B 39R Encoder Repair: 608.00
Dynamatics D13-127 Encoder #39R-11 Repair: 536.00
Disc Instruments E25FC Optical Shaft Encoder Repair: 544.00
Disc Instruments 701FR Disc Optical Shaft Encoder Repair: 588.00
Datametrics DC-1000-D130-15D15 Encoder Repair: 400.00
Data Technology ON25-1024-20/5-A00 Optecon Encoder Repair: Call for price
Condec Spriodise ENCODER Encoder Repair: 1,100.00
BEI Electronics H25 SERIES H25 Incremental Optical Encoder Repair: 412.00
Allen Bradley 845N Encoder 845N-XXXXX-XXXX B Repair: 400.00
Dynapar 32060000 2.25 inch Cube Encoder Repair: 384.00
Dynamics Research 30-11-B23500/1270 Optical Hollow Shaft Angle Encoder Repair: 1,016.00
Dynamics Research 88-S-003 Optical Hollow Shaft Angle Encoder Repair: 1,016.00
Dynapar HR6251000010F HR25 Encoder Repair: 416.00
Dynapar 2212001000 Qube Rotary Encoder Repair: 372.00
Baumer BAC 0G.24P360-12-6 Absolute Extended Shaft Encoder Repair: 504.00
Heidenhain ROD 323.002 1024 Pulse Encoder Repair: 964.00
KOYO TRD-K512-YS Absolute Rotary Encoder Repair: 848.00
Heidenhain ROD 420 C 250 Rotary Encorder Repair: 572.00
Tamagawa Seiki TS5610N FA 50 Encoder Repair: 488.00
Tamagawa Seiki TS5604N FA 86 Absolute Encoder Repair: 560.00
Hayssen 62807F0447 Quadrature Output Encoder Repair: 388.00
854 Items Found
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